Executive Body

About CCFC

Chin Christian Fellowship of Canada (CCFC) was founded in September 3, 2006 by delegates from all Chin churches in Canada. The aims and objectives  of the organization is to select leaders to organize the Chin christian communities across Canada and holding leadership trainings, conferences and sharing news so that all the Chin people living in Canada can live better in Christianity union. CCFC also proposes to all membership churches to contribute financial assistance to family of all Chin individual who die in Canada. The organization is legally registered under government of Canada as non-charitable organization. All staff members working in CCFC are not paid. This is church-based voluntary organization working to provide Christianity service to Chin people in Canada.

List of Membership Churches within CCFC by 2016.

1. Vancouver Chin Baptist Church (VCBC, Vancouver)
2. Calgary Chin Evangelical Fellowship (CCEF,     Calgary)
3. Edmonton Chin Church (ECC,   Edmonton)
4. Chin Christian Fellowship of Saskatchewan (CCFS,      Regina)
5. Manitoba Chin Christian Fellowship (MCCF,   Winnipeg)
6. Toronto Chin Christian Fellowship (TCCF,    Toronto)
7. Kitchener Chin Christian Church (KCCC,   Kitchener)
8. Kitchener Chin Baptist Church (KCBC,   Kitchener)
9. Ottawa Chin Baptist Church (OCBC,   Ottawa)
10. Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDAC,   Ottawa )


Executive Body

Indiana Salai Cungcin

Executive Director Email Indiana Salai Cungcin

10 Ridgebury Place Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 2G5, Canada


Victor Sang Khambil

General Secretary Email Victor Sang Khambil

14 Aspen Ave #9 Kitchener, ON N2M 3Z8

(519) 807-2129

Rev. Lalmuankima Zawzaw

Asst. Executive Director Email Rev. Lalmuankima Zawzaw

58, 3200 60th Street NE Calgary, AB T1Y 4K8

(403) 889-4617

Pu Sang Cem Lyan

Treasurer Email Pu Sang Cem Lyan

105 West Lodge Ave Toronto, Ontario M6K2T8

(647) 207-4073

Rev. Ceu Hrin

Assistant General Secretary Email Rev. Ceu Hrin

4-4195 Perry Street Vancouver, BC V5N 3X4

(604) 562-7697


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